Privacy Policy

We at DINE have adopted this Disclosure and Privacy Policy as a fundamental principle behind this website.

Disclosure Policy

DINE’s Philosophy:

  • DINE’s content is written by UK based Dietitians who are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and who are members of the British Dietetic Association (BDA).
  • We want to help educate, empower and engage individuals with evidence-based scientific nutrition knowledge to help restore healthy relationships with food and our bodies.
  • We want to convey that we are not here to reinvent the wheel, but merely to help decipher and make sense of existing information.
  • We want to highlight pre-existing resources, websites and blogs that are well worth a read and all share a similar value to DINE.
  • We aim to provide information which is in keeping with DINE’s vision and values.
  • Any advice provided by the website should not be used as an alternative if specific and tailor-made advice has been provided to you by a registered dietitian, doctor or other health professional.
  • At present, DINE does not receive any advertisements or paid blog posts.

Product, resource and feature reviews:

  • Any opinions expressed by Dietitians who have contributed to material featured on the website will be informed but are based on personal opinion/ professional observation.
  • We will always disclose if any payment/samples or incentives have been received relating to content posted on the website and we promise to ensure this does not influence the opinions/content of the website.
  • We promise to only provide links to resources, blogs, articles and services that are evidence-based and of interest to our readers/followers and that share similar values to DINE.

Privacy Policy 

Please take time to read DINE’s privacy policy, which explains how any personal information provided to us is stored and protected. DINE is committed to ensuring that all personal data is handled appropriately as per General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

Please note, this website contains links to other websites and resources. These independent websites and links should have their own privacy policies. DINE does not take any responsibility for these policies. We advise and encourage anyone to always read a website’s privacy policy before submitting any personal data.

Information gathering & storage of personal details:

  • By completing a contact form via the website or approaching DINE regarding one of their services via email, certain information e.g. contact details may be required in order for DINE to deal with your enquiry appropriately. All emails and enquiries are sent to a password protected email address.
  • If approaching DINE for a particular service e.g. individual nutritional assessment, certain information will need to be collected. Please note, explicit informed consent is gained prior to the storage of any of this information. A signed copy of a consent form outlining DINE’s terms and conditions and data protection policy will be required.
  • Any personal information provided to DINE will be strictly confidential and will not be made publicly available. In the event that information is needed to be shared with a third party (e.g. for individual consultations certain information may need to be shared with another physician/health care professional) DINE will gain your consent.
  • DINE aims to operate on a paper light basis, and so all electronic confidential information will be stored securely on a password protected computer which is never left unlocked if unattended. DINE may store personal information (e.g. for individual dietary assessments) using an electronic computer system called Nutrium which is password protected. Nutrium complies with all data privacy regulations and is registered with the Information Commissioners Office. For any reason should hard copies of information be required, they will be stored securely in a locked filing cabinet.

Data removal – how long to we store your data?

  • Any names and email addresses which do not result in the avail of DINE’s services (e.g. the completion of a contact form via the website or enquiry email submitted) will be deleted/destroyed a year after the last correspondence.
  • Should a client pursue DINE’s services (unless specifically requested by the client) any dietetic records/correspondence that contain any personal information regarding your health and medical history will be stored for 8 years (from final correspondence) as per the GDPR guidelines. Data removal requests from clients receiving nutritional advice will be handled on an individual basis and in accordance with UK guidelines.

Controlling your data:

  • Charlotte Foster (Registered Dietitian) is the allocated “Data Controller” and “Data Protection Officer” for DINE. Please contact her via email ([email protected] / [email protected]) with any queries regarding the storage/processing of your data.
  • As per the GDPR you have the right to request the details of the personal information DINE stores about you.
  • As per the GDPR, there may be a circumstance whereby you have provided consent for data to be collected and processed and you have the right to withdraw your consent for that specific data storage/processing. To withdraw consent, please contact DINE’s Data Protection Officer. Once this request for withdrawal of consent has  been formally received, we will no longer process/ hold your personal data, unless there is a lawful and legitimate basis in doing so.

We will aim to review to ensure our policy is reviewed regularly and accurately reflects the vision and values of DINE. We may amend this privacy policy at any time so please review it frequently and at least each time you submit personal information to us. The date at the bottom of this page will be amended each time this policy is updated. 


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  • A huge thank you to Benjamin Wetherall of BPWPhotography for his help and creativity with the photographs that are featured on this website.

Last reviewed: August 2021.