About Us


About DINE


With the power of social media and the gift of freedom of speech, it can be an overwhelming jungle of information relating to diet and health. Everyone has to eat to survive! So to an extent, everyone knows  something about food!


With food and health being at the forefront of society’s mind due to the rise of chronic diet-related diseases e.g. obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, nutrition is a hot topic of conversation. What is also becoming apparent is that many individuals like to call themselves “fountains of knowledge” in the nutrition arena.


Yet, to the trained eye, some of these self-proclaimed nutrition experts don’t have a clue what they are talking about! This often results in the consumer being out of pocket and even more confused than before they sought help.


So enough is enough! Here at DINE we want to make it easy for the public to access the truth about diet and health and to help make issues surrounding food and nutrition simple and digestible. We want to help point people in the direction of the truth… and so, DINE was formed.

Vision & Values



Our Vision…


To develop a central online reference point for the collective sharing and understanding of dietetic and nutritional evidence to advocate good health through food.



Our Values…


1. To promote the truth about food and health


2 . To promote informed and honest information


3. To provide an accessible platform to point people in the direction of useful websites, resources and blogs which share the values of DINE.


We want to convey that we are not here to reinvent the wheel, but merely to help you decipher and make sense of the information jungle! As well as this, we want to highlight pre-existing resources, websites and blogs that are well worth a read!



Who we are…


DINE was formed  to help educate, empower and engage individuals with evidence-based scientific nutrition knowledge to help restore healthy  relationships with food and our bodies.


Food is one of life’s great pleasures and provides us with nourishment and nutrition! Eating is an essential bodily function, but also a culturally social activity bringing together people and promoting community.


Our hope is to promote the profession of Dietetics and help the public know what information to trust and where to look to get the truth about food!



Meet the founder…


Founded in 2012 by Charlotte Foster, Charlotte is a Specialist Dietitian working in one of London’s biggest teaching hospitals. Graduating with a first class degree in Nutrition from the University of Nottingham, Charlotte went on to gain her MSc in Dietetics at King’s College London before becoming a registered dietitian.


As well as devoting her time to helping patients in an array of medical specialisms in the NHS, she is a passionate foodie who loves to spend time in the kitchen testing out latest recipes and having friends and family over to share a meal.