What DINE can do for you


Charlotte offers a range of services tailored to meet your needs and dietary goals.  We recognise that we are all unique and learn/ process information in different ways.


Charlotte aims to help you engage with her dietary advice in practical ways so that it equips you to make permanent, lasting improvements to your health and lifestyle.


For some, that may be through a 1:1 structured consultation, whilst for others it may involve meeting in a supermarket for a practical tutorial in healthy food shopping /shopping on a budget or having a “cook and eat” session in the kitchen.



Services include:


    • 1:1 consultations

Based in London and Surrey, Charlotte will spend time understanding your goals and aims as well as conducting a thorough nutritional assessment.  Using evidence- based nutrition, Charlotte will provide advice and support and you  will work together to devise and set goals that are achievable and realistic to help you make steps towards fulfilling your goal/aim.


Click here for a list of specialist areas Charlotte has experience in.


    • Remote Coaching (including video consultations) 

Using the latest health technology, Charlotte can provide advice from the comfort of your own home via secure video consultations and online chat forum.


    • Meal plans

Charlotte will work with you to devise specific meal plans  that are unique to your needs, taking into consideration your preferences, budget and lifestyle. 


    • Dietary analysis

Using specialist dietary software, Charlotte can help analyse the nutritional content of your diet and has had experience of analysing the nutritional content of menus.


    • Supermarket shopping tour

Educating you around the aisles to provide advice on healthy dietary choices/ shopping on a budget/ label reading to help you ensure your shopping basket is brimming with nutritious and delicious food.


    • Nutrition Workshops

Available to come to schools, work or events, Charlotte will deliver an informative and interactive workshop tailored to your specification based on a range of topics to choose from. 


    • Cook & Eat sessions

Charlotte loves nothing more than to join you in the kitchen and translate the theory of nutrition in practical culinary advice.


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