Happy Easter!

By Charlotte Foster BSc (Hons), MSc, RD.

The giving and receiving of eggs at Easter is a tradition spanning centuries. Traditionally, Easter eggs came from poultry not the confectionery aisle in the supermarket! Hen or duck eggs were decorated by hand and this tradition is still practised in some cultures and religions today.

Chocolate eggs first made an appearance in France and Germany in the 19th Century and have had us hooked ever since!

Like Christmas, Easter is a wonderful time of year, bringing people together. For many, where there are friends and family, there is an abundance of food!

Whilst the occasional “indulgent day” is more than inevitable and permissible, these times of year can make it difficult to maintain healthy eating.

Supermarkets certainly don’t make this easy with deals on chocolate and Easter related treats galore! Temptation is EVERYWHERE!

Here are some top tips on how to approach the weeks following Easter…

  1. Be traditional! Before chocolate eggs, there were real eggs – high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Enjoy them poached, scrambled or boiled as a part nutritious meal.
  2. See past the promotions! Supermarkets are out to sell and make a profit! It may appear to be a bargain with multi-buy offers on lots of tasty treats, but be mindful of the cost-benefit to your body/health.
  3. Portion up! If you’ve been given lots of chocolate eggs this Easter, make sure you read the back of the labels to understand what a recommended portion is (you will most likely be surprised!) You may find it helpful to portion up bundles of little eggs to help with self-control!
  4. Share to care for your body! If your cupboards are full of indulgent left overs, how about using this as an excuse to have friends over for a meal or taking chocolates/ Easter treats into the office. Not only will this help you to consume less, but creates an opportunity to socialise in community with others which is important for our social well-being.
  5. Keep perspective – remember that indulging during special occasions is often inevitable. Every passing minute is a chance to change it all around! You can get back on the healthy eating bandwagon just as quickly as falling off it!